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When you are missing teeth, your daily life and normal dental function are negatively impacted. Our dental team in Edmonton offers a potential solution to restore your smile and bite through dental implants. At Summerside Dental, our practice performs each step of dental implant placement to restore teeth from root to crown. Teeth replacement is crucial to maintaining stable oral health and a natural aesthetic, which is why we want to help anyone who is missing teeth.

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How Dental Implants Support Oral Health and Function 

Traditional methods, such as dentures or partial dentures, may be effective at restoring someone’s smile and function, but they may not offer the improvement to the foundation of the smile that is right for you. Dental implants, however, are attached to the jaw through surgical placement, which allows them to be much more stable and long-lasting. When we place implants we use materials that are designed to fuse to bone tissue and resist wear. When restorations are attached to implants, the smile looks and functions more closely to a natural one. 

Besides providing a foundation for restoring the visible part of missing teeth, implants have another purpose: to slow bone loss. When the root structure is no longer attached to the bone, it resorbs nutrients and structure which impacts the smile in a few ways. The jaw can be more brittle, the face can take on a prematurely-aged appearance, and teeth may shift out of place. Dental implants can halt this process, and even encourage the bone to re-nourish weakened areas. 

Summerside Dental Places and Restores Implants

When patients require implant care, we begin the treatment with a consultation and planning process that accounts for the unique issues each case brings. On our team of dentists, Antonella Trache, DMD, has experience in placing implants and performing preparatory procedures to increase each patient’s chances of placement success. The rest of our team collaborates on complex cases and delivers strategies to help patients obtain comfortable and efficient treatment. Whether patients are missing a single tooth or need to start from teeth extractions, we will carry out the procedures required to rehabilitate the mouth.  Our implant-supported restorations are affixed to implants once patients have recovered from the initial procedures of extracting the tooth and placing the implant, allowing the healing cap to heal the tissue, scanning the site with a digital camera, and having a custom abutment and crown made.

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