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At our dental practice in Edmonton our team of dentists, led by Kim Boldt, DMD, work together to provide a range of services to fulfill the dental needs of our patients. It is our goal to improve the health and appearance of our patients’ smiles and by extension restore their self-confidence. We hope to make patients comfortable at our practice with a friendly environment and by giving each patient personal attention.

Edmonton Dentist - Kim Boldt, DMD

An Awesome Team!

Full time general Dentists Dr. Kim Boldt and Dr. Laheeb Quddusi, along with associates Dr. Don Simonar, Dr. Nina Valiushka, Dr. Antonella Trache (with practice limited to oral surgery),  and prosthodontist Dr. Usama Nassar, together with their team of professionals: Habiba, Tiffany, Parth, Pari, Kendra, Bhavyn, Kayla, Karly and Sarah have caring demeanors and are ready to serve youOur team of 6 dentists has 97 years of combined experience!

Helping Patients Feel Comfortable 

We give personal attention to each patient when they visit our practice. Our staff understands how important speaking and listening are to help people feel comfortable, and we hope to build long-term connections by doing so. We offer many amenities, and patients enjoy free parking which makes getting to appointments easier. During treatment, we offer entertainment with televisions, while our NuCalm® headphones block out uncomfortable dental noises, and blankets are available if anyone gets cold during their visit. After providing care, we offer hot towels that many patients enjoy. 

Utilizing Modern Dental Technology 

Summerside Dental is equipped with dental equipment designed to improve the efficiency of treatments. Besides digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras, which help our doctors diagnose oral health issues, we also offer dental laser treatments and restorations made by CEREC®. Lasers can be used to treat children who have tongue and lip-ties, and can even be used to whiten teeth. Essentially an in-office milling machine, CEREC® reduces the time it takes to fabricate restorations and introduce them into patients’ smiles. Patients can obtain a customized crown within a single visit after root canal therapy is complete. We strive to keep our care in-house by utilizing these technologies within our wide array of treatment options, helping make a convenient experience for our patients.

Serving the Summerside Community for 18 Years

Dr. Boldt has served the surrounding community for some time, helping many families with their oral health needs. When providing dental care, it is our goal to develop long-lasting relationships with patients. This allows us to build trust and familiarity that many patients wish to have when visiting the dentist. We care about our local and global community and have offered time and resources to support charitable causes. From trips to Sri Lanka and Honduras to collecting donations for local foundations, we try to give back when possible. 

“Making You Smile,” in Edmonton

Our office sees families and individuals in Edmonton and from surrounding areas including Ellerslie and South Edmonton. We welcome new and returning patients to schedule an appointment for a cleaning, cosmetic treatment, or restorative procedures. Call us today!


Read what people are saying about us.

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I just wanted to send an update.
We got Sidney's tongue tie and lip tie revised 2 weeks ago today. Her top lip is looking great, she has great mobility and the stretches have really helped her lip muscles loosen up. I'm so pleased with the results.
Her tongue has gotten hard to stretch as she has figured out how to wiggle her tongue around to avoid the fingers, which I'm taking as a great sign. She's really learning how to move it around. When I eventually get under her tongue, there seems to be a bit of reattachment/regrowth, but since the mobility is there I'm not concerned. Just more motivation to keep up on the stretches, which she only mildly complains about these days.
I'm so happy to have a skilled dentist here in town to help her little mouth out. Keep up the good work.

Callie S.

Dear Dr. Boldt,
We've just made it to the two week mark since our tongue tie and upper lip revision with you. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a thorough revision and going deep enough to really make a difference. Since the night of the revision my son Denzel (5.5 months) began sleeping 9 hours continuously out of 12 through the night (as opposed to his usual 3-4 before needing to nurse) he also began pooping daily as opposed to every few days. Nursing is now pain free and his upper lip is no longer STIFF. I am so grateful to have someone in Edmonton skilled enough to understand and rectify his tt with Laser.

Denzel's Mom

Great experience! The staff are wonderful and it was easy to get an appointment at a time that suited us. My kids (5&7) loved the video games in the waiting area and the TV on the ceiling in the exam room.

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