Dental Implant Treatment

Toothless spaces affect your ability to chew and the stability of your smile, contributing to a prematurely aged appearance.

Traditional teeth-replacement methods such as dentures, bridges, or partial dentures may be a less-expensive option than implants for restoring your smile and function, but they might not be your preference.

Dental implants are stable and solid since they are integrated into the jaw through surgical placement, preserving the bone where the original tooth was lost. When restorations are attached to implants they often look more like real teeth than removable flippers do, and the smile looks and functions more closely to a natural one.

Dental Implants at Summerside

At Summerside Dental, our practice performs each step of dental implant placement to restore teeth from root to crown, including removing the unhealthy tooth — if needed.

A consultation and planning appointment is scheduled first, to measure the size of the space and account for the unique circumstances involved with each patient. Our experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Antonella Trache, and our general dentists collaborate to deliver appropriate, comfortable and timely sequential multi-appointment treatment.

Custom gold abutments and porcelain crowns are affixed once the patient has recovered from the initial procedures of extracting the tooth, placing the titanium implant, and allowing the healing cap to heal the tissue.

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation to determine whether a dental implant is the right solution for your missing tooth.

Why should I get an implant?

To replace a missing tooth, a dental implant is the strongest, most stable, most natural-looking option. It will prevent further bone loss where the missing tooth was extracted and will prevent other teeth from shifting into that space.

Does it hurt to get a dental implant?

With regular dental numbing/freezing you will feel pressure but not pain when the titanium implant is threaded into the bone. Most patients find that it takes less time and causes less discomfort to have an implant placed than it did to have the tooth extracted.

How much do dental implants cost?

Each component of the dental implant has its own variable fee based on its size, weight, material, and position of placement in the mouth. The titanium threaded screw that goes into the bone, the stainless steel healing cap, the custom lab-made gold abutment or connecter piece, and the gold or porcelain crown over top all have a range of costs associated with them. Please call 780-665-4833 to schedule an examination with our experienced oral surgeon who places implants, Dr. Antonella Trache, and an X-ray to assess the quality of the remaining bone and the precise measurement of the implant needed to fit in your missing tooth site.