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Summerside Dental Is Proud To Treat Sleeping Issues Related to Breathing in Edmonton

Night breathing problems - Edmonton dentist


Many experience restless or interrupted sleep due to breathing issues. This is caused by an unconscious closing of the airway, known as obstructive sleep apnea, and can significantly affect daily living. Summerside Dental offers a range of treatment options for nighttime breathing issues with the goal of helping you or a loved one regain normal breathing. Dr. Kim Boldt has personal experience with these issues and understands how poorly it feels to not get enough sleep.

If you wish to obtain care for your obstructive sleep apnea, our appliances can remedy some of the issues patients face. If you or your partner has problems sleeping, you may be suffering from this sleep disorder. We do what we can to alleviate the symptoms, even connecting you with sleep specialists if necessary. Call our Edmonton practice for an examination today!

Symptoms of Breathing Issues

Teens and adults suffering from nighttime breathing problems will exhibit different symptoms during the day from the night. In the day, they may have chronic headaches, feel drowsy, or be unable to focus on tasks. At night, people will have sudden stops in their breathing followed by intense snoring. 

Long-term effects include depression and an increased risk for serious conditions such as heart disease or stroke. Although overweight adults are more prone to experience obstructive sleep apnea, almost anyone can develop these issues. 

Why Treatment is Necessary

The benefits of a full night’s rest cannot be understated, from an improved outlook on life to a more youthful appearance. At Summerside Dental, it is our goal to for patients to have restful sleep again. Dr. Boldt has training and experience in treating nighttime breathing issues and welcomes patients to visit her practice to see if they are showing the symptoms. As part of our commitment to general health through good oral health, we include breathing-related questions as part of our dental examinations. 

How Summerside Dental Can Help 

Our Edmonton practice offers customized dental appliances to open airways or improve our patient’s ability to breathe at night. We are partnered with a trusted dental lab which fashions them according to our high standards of quality. Our practice offers the DNA® appliance, which is designed to not only keep airways open while sleeping but can also expand the size of the upper jaw and nasal cavity. This device can address immediate effects and provide a long-term solution to patients. Since the DNA appliance is custom-made to order, it is fashioned to be comfortable and provide continued relief. 

Contact Dr. Kim Boldt in the Summerside Community for Airway Treatments

Our dental team strives to help patients obtain good rest by treating airway issues with appliances or by coordinating with sleep specialists. Consider Summerside Dental in South Edmonton for your needs today. 



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I just wanted to send an update.
We got Sidney's tongue tie and lip tie revised 2 weeks ago today. Her top lip is looking great, she has great mobility and the stretches have really helped her lip muscles loosen up. I'm so pleased with the results.
Her tongue has gotten hard to stretch as she has figured out how to wiggle her tongue around to avoid the fingers, which I'm taking as a great sign. She's really learning how to move it around. When I eventually get under her tongue, there seems to be a bit of reattachment/regrowth, but since the mobility is there I'm not concerned. Just more motivation to keep up on the stretches, which she only mildly complains about these days.
I'm so happy to have a skilled dentist here in town to help her little mouth out. Keep up the good work.

Callie S.

Dear Dr. Boldt,
We've just made it to the two week mark since our tongue tie and upper lip revision with you. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a thorough revision and going deep enough to really make a difference. Since the night of the revision my son Denzel (5.5 months) began sleeping 9 hours continuously out of 12 through the night (as opposed to his usual 3-4 before needing to nurse) he also began pooping daily as opposed to every few days. Nursing is now pain free and his upper lip is no longer STIFF. I am so grateful to have someone in Edmonton skilled enough to understand and rectify his tt with Laser.

Denzel's Mom

Great experience! The staff are wonderful and it was easy to get an appointment at a time that suited us. My kids (5&7) loved the video games in the waiting area and the TV on the ceiling in the exam room.

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