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Great Dental Experiences Don't Grow on Trees, We Nurture Them!

One of our priorities is to ensure you are comfortable during your visits with us at Summerside Dental.  

You are not alone if you're afraid to go to the dentist.  Did you know 82% of the general public has anxiety about going to the dental office and that 55% of people say that fear is their number one reason for not getting their teeth fixed? 

At our South Edmonton office you're going to love how we overcome this obstacle by providing a menu of comfort options to ensure a great visit!

1.) TVs on the ceiling- this is especially great for distracting children.

2.) Shaded glasses so the light won't bother your eyes

3.) Soft blankets and pillows

4.) NuCalm is a noise-reduction earphone system that plays an iPod of classical music which is slightly out-of-sync in each ear.  This technology was designed to calm victims of post-traumatic stress disorder.  Your brain is distracted concentrating on matching-up the music and you'll visualize pleasant images. 

5.) Oral sedation with mild prescription medications taken the night before and 1 hour before your dental treatment. Your pulse and blood pressure are monitored throughout your appointment. You must have someone drive you to and from the office as driving is not recommended for 8 hours after taking sedation medication. 

6.) Several of our dental chairs have a built-in massage feature while reclined.  

Ask us for anything -- your comfort is our priority!


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.



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